This Vs. That : Same Dress Different Fabric

This Vs. That : Same Dress Different Fabric


When it comes to dressing for your shape, it is so important to really focus on finding a couple of  lines that really work for you. Here is an easy fit comparison and two simple fall outfits that will help you keep it snazzy with ease.

On the left:

$6.99 Hot KISS, Ross Dress for Less

Pro – Loose Fitting, Easy to Wear

Con – Cotton is Flimsy, Not Enough Structure for a Slimming Effect

On the Right:

$65.00 City Chic USA

Pro – Double Lined, Creates a Great Line, Slimming Silhouette

Con – A Little Too Much Volume

Now both of these dresses are great comparison shopping pieces from the standpoint of silhouette and quality vs. price. This red Just Fab faux leather jacket is a great pop of color too. I added it to my wardrobe last fall and it  allows me to create different outfits with a pop of fab-YOU-lous.

Motivated Monday

Motivated Monday

Make this Motivated Monday Amazing! I always say that Monday’s are for trendsetters. No more dreading the start of a new week. It is time to celebrate the chance to start fresh and do something amazing! 

– Smile More

– Remember Your Goals 

– Don’t Forget to Love Every Inch of Your Gorgeous Self

– Be Brilliant

– Forgive Yourself & Others

– Live Your Best Life 

You got this babe! I know life can get in the way but you have a totally fresh start today! 

xo Liz


Body Positive Swimsuit Week

Body Positive Swimsuit Week

Welcome to Body Positive Swimsuit Week 2018! Don’t forget to join me for daily lives in the Style IT FACTOR VIP on Facebook. 

This week we are celebrating our incredible selves Style Mavens! From the top of your head, to the bottom of your feet no matter your size……. You are Fearfully & Wonderfully Made! 🙌🏾

  I literally have not been photographed in a swimsuit since 2003 which was my last year competing for Miss Florida, and that was 120 pounds ago.

Today, I openly share my journey with you because loving yourself is IMPERATIVE! You are more amazing than you know. I also want you to know that women of all sizes struggle with body positivity and confidence when it comes to rocking a swimsuit. 


Later today  you will meet a blogger friend of mine named Dina of @StylingCurves who will give you some insight on her journey as well, and this evening I will be doing a live about 8 PM. We will have a different Fab-YOU-Lous event every day this week! 

I will also post a schedule of  for the week tonight in the Style IT FACTOR VIP so you can get ready, be interactive, and Get Your Groove Back Like Stella! 🙌🏾


These images are from my first swimsuit shoot in April. I was so stiff and uncomfortable. I can’t wait for you to see the recent images from last week in the following posts.