Embracing Your Curves is the New Black

Embracing Your Curves is the New Black

This summer embracing your curves is the new black! #SummerTimeFine

We have all struggled in our own way to embrace something about ourselves. For some it maybe their body, your shape, or something else that makes you uncomfortable. For me the process of letting go of being so self critical has been a hard and freeing process. It is hard to truly love yourself or anyone else, until you can get real with yourself. You also have to find something you love about yourself! Make that a practice. Stand in the mirror and learn to love everything about you!!

I have to be honest….. I have struggled with my weight all my life, even when I wasn’t bigger. I thought the thinner the better, but I was an athlete so I was never built teeny tiny. Over the last 10 years it has been an up and down battle that I seem to getting a better grip on because I am working with a nutritionist and I am also just embracing the journey. There are some other pieces that fit into my puzzle from the past like bulimia and clinical depression, but through Christ I am more than a conqueror. I won’t be held hostage by the opinions of others or the circumstances of the past. We are all Queens so we must RISE! 👑

I see that I am a mirror for the struggles of many women, and I refuse to hide in shame or to give another woman permission tp hate herself, when to be honest no is perfect. It’s about how you carry yourself. It’s about self-worth, and most of all…. Loving Yourself As Well As Others…. FLAWS & ALL! 


Rock Your Swimsuit Girl

Rock Your Swimsuit Girl

Body Shame is Real at Every Size! 

Body Positivity is about embracing the beautiful skin you are in despite everything you “thought” was wrong. As I always say “LOVE yourself, all the way to your goal!”

In this photo, you see the chemical burn I got on my back earlier this year. For a while I was so embarrassed I would not wear my shoulders out. 

In this photo, you see me in a two piece swimsuit. I have not even tried to put a two piece on since maybe 2004. After I gained weight, I spent all of my time convicting myself for how wrong I was, instead of loving every inch of me. 

In this photo, you see my cellulite and my lack of booty. 2 things that I never had to really deal with until I got in my 30s. It has made super self conscious at times.

In this photo, you see my gorgeous rolls. I have not ever loved them until I saw this photo. Something magical happened when Quanda Yvette and I did these photos. When she showed me the images on the phone I was so excited! I began to see God’s creation instead of devastation. I began to realize that this whole project had nothing to do with everything I WAS NOT…… It was to show EACH & everyone of us that from the moment we open our eyes…. WE ARE ENOUGH! 

In this photo, you see a woman overcoming a lifetime of self inflicted wounds. Yes people said things to me that hurt me but, I gave their words power because I held on to them. I let their words cover me like a blanket at night. I took ownership of the shame, and blame that other people were trying to serve me, instead of saying, “NO I DO NOT ACCEPT Your Labels or Your Lies!” 

I also, gave my deepest insecurities permission by staying in my head about for so long. Now I challenge you to get out of your head, and open your heart to the beauty of you! 

I love you! I believe in you! You can do this! 

Let’s Take Action: 

In the Comments Post Your Swimsuit Photo,

Selfie, or a Photo of You Confidently Rocking a Swimsuit in the Past. If you do not have a photo, in the comments write 2 things you love about your body.




Body Positive Affirmation: 


I am good enough. 

I am beautiful and so is my body.

I am more amazing than I will ever know!

I am created in God’s image, so I am perfect in  my own way.

I am learning to love myself more everyday! 


Body Positive Swimsuit Week

Body Positive Swimsuit Week

Welcome to Body Positive Swimsuit Week 2018! Don’t forget to join me for daily lives in the Style IT FACTOR VIP on Facebook. 

This week we are celebrating our incredible selves Style Mavens! From the top of your head, to the bottom of your feet no matter your size……. You are Fearfully & Wonderfully Made! 🙌🏾

  I literally have not been photographed in a swimsuit since 2003 which was my last year competing for Miss Florida, and that was 120 pounds ago.

Today, I openly share my journey with you because loving yourself is IMPERATIVE! You are more amazing than you know. I also want you to know that women of all sizes struggle with body positivity and confidence when it comes to rocking a swimsuit. 


Later today  you will meet a blogger friend of mine named Dina of @StylingCurves who will give you some insight on her journey as well, and this evening I will be doing a live about 8 PM. We will have a different Fab-YOU-Lous event every day this week! 

I will also post a schedule of  for the week tonight in the Style IT FACTOR VIP so you can get ready, be interactive, and Get Your Groove Back Like Stella! 🙌🏾


These images are from my first swimsuit shoot in April. I was so stiff and uncomfortable. I can’t wait for you to see the recent images from last week in the following posts.