About Liz

Beauty & Fashion Expert, Total Image Stylist, Blogger, National Speaker

From an early age, glamour was Liz Everett’s second language. At nineteen, realizing she had a passion for helping others achieve their beauty goals, Liz  began working for the Victoria’s Secret Beauty brand. What started as a job, soon became the embodiment of Liz’s desire to see glamorous women of all ages empowered by their unique beauty perspectives.
Eventually segwaying into both the pageantry & entertainment fields, Liz continued to develop her flair for curating gorgeous total-image looks. Her keen eye for glamour has helped her land jobs in Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, and Las Vegas as well as drawing clients from the U.K., Canada and beyond.
As an award winning beauty and style professional, Liz has become a  highly sought after beauty & style professional. Blogging has become a passionate expression of her love of fashion, travel, beauty, and empowering women to live their best lives.