Rock Your Swimsuit Girl

Body Shame is Real at Every Size! 

Body Positivity is about embracing the beautiful skin you are in despite everything you “thought” was wrong. As I always say “LOVE yourself, all the way to your goal!”

In this photo, you see the chemical burn I got on my back earlier this year. For a while I was so embarrassed I would not wear my shoulders out. 

In this photo, you see me in a two piece swimsuit. I have not even tried to put a two piece on since maybe 2004. After I gained weight, I spent all of my time convicting myself for how wrong I was, instead of loving every inch of me. 

In this photo, you see my cellulite and my lack of booty. 2 things that I never had to really deal with until I got in my 30s. It has made super self conscious at times.

In this photo, you see my gorgeous rolls. I have not ever loved them until I saw this photo. Something magical happened when Quanda Yvette and I did these photos. When she showed me the images on the phone I was so excited! I began to see God’s creation instead of devastation. I began to realize that this whole project had nothing to do with everything I WAS NOT…… It was to show EACH & everyone of us that from the moment we open our eyes…. WE ARE ENOUGH! 

In this photo, you see a woman overcoming a lifetime of self inflicted wounds. Yes people said things to me that hurt me but, I gave their words power because I held on to them. I let their words cover me like a blanket at night. I took ownership of the shame, and blame that other people were trying to serve me, instead of saying, “NO I DO NOT ACCEPT Your Labels or Your Lies!” 

I also, gave my deepest insecurities permission by staying in my head about for so long. Now I challenge you to get out of your head, and open your heart to the beauty of you! 

I love you! I believe in you! You can do this! 

Let’s Take Action: 

In the Comments Post Your Swimsuit Photo,

Selfie, or a Photo of You Confidently Rocking a Swimsuit in the Past. If you do not have a photo, in the comments write 2 things you love about your body.




Body Positive Affirmation: 


I am good enough. 

I am beautiful and so is my body.

I am more amazing than I will ever know!

I am created in God’s image, so I am perfect in  my own way.

I am learning to love myself more everyday! 


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